Provides support for the following modules:


When DMT.exe is run it will put itself into the notification area of the taskbar.

Double click on the icon in the notification area to bring up the options. Alternatively, you can right click on the icon to bring up it's context menu.

'Run as Administrator'

Normally, the modules within DMT can not act on any window belonging to applications that have been started using the 'Run as Administrator' option as they will have insufficient permission to do so. Also when such a window is the active window, then the mouse/cursor modes do not work.

If you want DMT to be able to move or minimise such windows and for the mouse/cursor modes to always work, then you will need to run DMT with the 'Run as Administrator' option.

Portable Mode

DMT has the ability to run from a portable device, such as a USB memory stick.

To use this mode you will need to download the zip file rather than using the msi installer.

By default DMT will save any configuration files to the same directory that it runs from, so if you are running it from a portable device, any options set will also be saved to the device.

If you want the application to reside in a read only directory, then this can be achieved by using a DmtFileLocations.xml file. See the supplied DmtFileLocations-Sample.xml for further details.

Internal Commands

Most of the commands within DMT can be run using a hotkey, a Magic Word or from the command line.

To use with a Magic Word, when you are adding a magic word, enter one of the commands mentioned below for the filename field. Alternatively, and easier, use the "Internal Command" button on the same dialog to select a command from the drop down boxes.

To use from the command line or in a batch file, specify the internal command as the parameter to DMT. Note: There must be an existing instance of DMT running in the system notification area for this to work. For example to change the wallpaper from a batch file, you would add the following command to the batch file:

DMT DMT:WallpaperChanger:ChangeWallpaper

You may need to specify the full path to DMT.exe, if the location is not on your path.

Some commands require a parameter. If using as a Magic Word, put the parameter in the Parameters field. If running from the command line, include the parameter with a space between the command and it and all in double quotes. For example to make your second screen the primary screen you would run:

DMT "DMT:General:ChangePrimary 2"

The following commands are available:

Command Description
DMT:General:Options Show options dialog.
DMT:General:ChangePrimary Changes the primary screen. This requires a parameter which is the numeric value of the screen you wish to become the primary screen. You can find the number to use from the column heading in the Monitors options display
DMT:General:ChangeBrightness Changes the brightness for a particular screen. This requires a parameter which consists of 2 numbers separated with a ':'. The first number is the monitor number which you can find from the column heading in the Monitors options display. The second is the desired brightness. This will need to be within the min and max allowed for the monitor which can also be found on the same screen by double clicking the corresponding brightness.
DMT:Cursor:FreeCursor Make cursor free to move between monitors.
DMT:Cursor:StickyCursor Make cursor movement between monitors sticky.
DMT:Cursor:LockCursor Locks the cursor to the current monitor.
DMT:Cursor:CursorToNextScreen Moves the cursor to the next screen.
DMT:Cursor:CursorToPrevScreen Moves the cursor to the previous screen.
DMT:Launcher:Activate Show the Magic Word entry dialog. This is not available for use from a magic word.
DMT:Launcher:AddMagicWord Show the 'Add Magic Word' dialog.
DMT:Snap:TakeSnap Take a snap of the primary monitor.
DMT:Snap:ShowSnap Toggle display of current snap.
DMT:SwapScreen:NextScreen Move active window to next screen.
DMT:SwapScreen:PrevScreen Move active window to previous screen.
DMT:SwapScreen:Minimise Minimize the active window.
DMT:SwapScreen:Maximise Maximize the active window.
DMT:SwapScreen:Supersize Supersize the active window.
DMT:SwapScreen:SwapTop2 Swap position and size of the top 2 windows.
DMT:SwapScreen:SnapLeft Moves the active window to the half screen position to its left.
DMT:SwapScreen:SnapRight Moves the active window to the half screen position to its right.
DMT:SwapScreen:SnapUp Moves the active window to the half screen position above it.
DMT:SwapScreen:SnapDown Moves the active window to the half screen position below it.
DMT:SwapScreen:MinimiseAllBut Minimize all windows apart from the active window.
DMT:SwapScreen:RotateNext Move every window to its next screen.
DMT:SwapScreen:RotatePrev Move every window to its previous screen.
DMT:SwapScreen:ShowDesktop Minimize all windows on the given monitor. This requires a parameter which is the monitor number.
DMT:SwapScreen:ShowDesktop1 Minimize all windows on monitor 1.
DMT:SwapScreen:ShowDesktop2 Minimize all windows on monitor 2.
DMT:SwapScreen:ShowDesktop3 Minimize all windows on monitor 3.
DMT:SwapScreen:ShowDesktop4 Minimize all windows on monitor 4.
DMT:SwapScreen:SDA11 Move the active window to System Defined Area 1 (bottom left) on screen 1.
... ...
DMT:SwapScreen:SDA19 Move the active window to System Defined Area 9 (top right) on screen 1.
DMT:SwapScreen:SDA21 Move the active window to System Defined Area 1 (bottom left) on screen 2.
... ...
DMT:SwapScreen:UDA0 Move the active window to User Defined Area 0.
... ...
DMT:SwapScreen:UDA99 Move the active window to User Defined Area 99.
DMT:WallpaperChanger:ChangeWallpaper Change the wallpaper now.
DMT:WallpaperChanger:PauseWallpaper Pause changing wallpaper. Works as a toggle.

You can also run magic words from the command line with:

DMT "DMT:Launcher:Activate magic-word-here"

Note the command and the magic word are within a single set of double quotes.

Command line options

In addition to running the above internal commands, the following options can be specified on the command line:

Show usage.
Show version.
Close down DMT if it is already running in the notification area.